Presentations and Authors

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Archaeological analysis of ancient cities and their landscapes

From the groma to the city: new datas on the urbanism of Civita Musarna
Vincent Jolivet, Henri Broise, Giuseppina Enrica Cinque
Pyrgi, harbour and sanctuary of Caere: landscape, urbanistic planning and architectural features
Laura Maria Michetti, Maria Paola Baglione, Barbara Belelli Marchesini, Claudia Carlucci
Reconstructing the ancient urban landscape in a long-lived city: the project Ausculum between research, territorial planning and preventative archaeology
Federica Boschi, Enrico Giorgi, Michele Silani
Tharros – Capo San Marco in the Phoenician and Punic age. Geophysical investigations and virtual rebuilding
Anna Chiara Fariselli, Federica Boschi, Michele Silani, Melania Marano

Architectural analysis and virtual reconstruction

The Nora Virtual Tour: an immersive visit in the ancient city
Jacopo Bonetto, Arturo Zara
A 3D environment to rebuild virtually the Augusteum in Herculaneum
Andrea D'Andrea, Angela Bosco, Marco Barbarino

Applications and integrated solutions for the Cultural Heritage

Digital Acquisition (DA): reflection on data quality
Alfonso Ippolito, Cristiana Bartolomei, Martina Attenni
Marco Montanari, Raffaele Trojanis, Silvia Bernardoni
Multimedia digital solutions from image and range based models for ancient landscapes communication
Elisabetta Donadio, Federico Barello, Riccardo Mazza
The last ten years of research at Tarquinia
Giovanna Bagnasco Gianni, Matilde Marzullo, Andrea Garzulino
The future (?) of effective protection
Giovanni Azzena, Roberto Busonera, Chiara Perini

Starting and on-going projects

Seeing into the past: integrating 3D documentation and non-invasive prospecting methods for the analysis, understanding and reconstruction of the ancient Pompeii. The case of the House of Obellio Firmo (IX, 14)
Federica Boschi, Enrico Giorgi, Michele Silani, Gabriele Bitelli, Alberta Martellone
Numana and its ancient territory: new data and research perspectives
Vincenzo Baldoni, Stefano Finocchi
New methodologies to analyse and study the Hellenist-Roman quarter in Agrigento
Giuseppe Lepore, Enrico Giorgi, Vincenzo Baldoni, Federica Boschi, Maria Concetta Parello, Maria Serena Rizzo