Presentations and Authors

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Archaeological analysis of ancient cities and their landscapes

Geo-archaeological study of the territory of Burnum’s Roman site (Croatia) through LANDSAT multi-temporal satellite images and high resolution GeoEye
Alessandro Campedelli, Marco Dubbini, Monica Martina

Architectural analysis and virtual reconstruction

A 3D environment to rebuild virtually the Augusteum in Herculaneum
Andrea D'Andrea, Angela Bosco, Marco Barbarino

Applications and integrated solutions for the Cultural Heritage

Multimedia digital solutions from image and range based models for ancient landscapes communication
Elisabetta Donadio, Federico Barello, Riccardo Mazza
The Iberian town of Ullastret (Catalonia), an Iron Age urban agglomeration reconstructed virtually
Gabriel de Prado Cordero, Ferran Codina, Isis Ruiz, Albert Sierra

Short Presentations

Virtual reconstruction and comparative analysis of two painted tombs from Anzi (Basilicata), described by Andrea Lombardi in the early 19th century
Antonio Pecci, Fabio Donnici
When there was no GIS system. Rediscovering archaeological activities of the nineteenth 19th century through the use of the drone. The case study of Mount Siri (Anzi, Basilicata)
Antonio Pecci, Fabio Donnici