Presentations and Authors

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Archaeological analysis of ancient cities and their landscapes

Castelmonardo Project: an union among technological research, 3D approach and social communication
Saverio Giulio Malatesta, Valeria Poscetti, Vito Rondinelli, Francesco Lella, Virginia Cirilli
Contemporary Landscape and Archaeological Record. An Integrated Approach for the Study of the Etruscan-Samnite Site of Pontecagnano (SA)
Carmine Pellegrino, Amedeo Rossi

Applications and integrated solutions for the Cultural Heritage

The future (?) of effective protection
Giovanni Azzena, Roberto Busonera, Chiara Perini
Analyzing the Medieval Landscape of the Pfalz—Castles in the Area of Kaiserslautern
Aaron Pattee

Starting and on-going projects

New methodologies to analyse and study the Hellenist-Roman quarter in Agrigento
Giuseppe Lepore, Enrico Giorgi, Vincenzo Baldoni, Federica Boschi, Maria Concetta Parello, Maria Serena Rizzo

Short Presentations

Virtual reconstruction and comparative analysis of two painted tombs from Anzi (Basilicata), described by Andrea Lombardi in the early 19th century
Antonio Pecci, Fabio Donnici
When there was no GIS system. Rediscovering archaeological activities of the nineteenth 19th century through the use of the drone. The case study of Mount Siri (Anzi, Basilicata)
Antonio Pecci, Fabio Donnici
The archaelogical settlement of Monte Bibele (Bologna)
Annachiara Penzo, Antonio Gottarelli, Federica Proni