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Reconstructing the Late Antiquity Episcopal Complex of Valentia
Albert Ribera, Isabel Escrivà, José J. Marín, Miquel Rosselló, Alfredo Santonja

Last modified: 2017-03-21


In Valencia downtown, near the Cathedral, the Almoina Archaeological center is the most important excavation in the city. The buildings of Late Antiquity that have been found here and around were the main ones of this period. The Cathedral, the baptistery, the mausoleum, the Memorial of Saint Vincent martyrdom, some Roman buildings reutilized (Curia, Asklepieion), some necropolises and other minor constructions have been identified.

We know a big but incomplete (we do not have localized the bishopric palace) episcopal complex. Little by little this important quarter of the town has been reconstructed infographically. The virtual reconstruction project of Valencia was begun in 1999. In that year we showed the first proposal of the reconstruction of Roman Republican, Roman Empire and Late Antiquity cities. New and actualized versions with news archaeological remains and the applications of technological advances were made in 2003 and 2007.

In this dynamic, we followed always the same methodology. After the archeological documentation is finished, the first part was the development of architectural and modulation studies based in the archaeological remains. Archaeologists and architects work together before to decide the basic lines to reconstruct the old buildings.

So, we can present now the last proposition (2016-2017) that we are preparing about the exterior and inner aspect of the main important quarter in Valentia around 600 AD.

All these reconstructions have been profusely utilized to Scientifics and didactic presentations.