The main theme of KAINUA 2017 is the analysis process and the virtual reconstruction of those ancient cities with buried or barely visible evidences, as the Etruscan town Kainua. This process begins with the analysis of archaeological structures and ancient landscape, resulting in the authoring of innovative methodologies for architectural and landscape reconstruction, leading in the end to the dissemination of the outputs.

Proposed works have not any limitations in terms of geographical location or chronological time.

Topics and Tracks

  • Archaeological analysis of ancient cities and their landscapes
  • Architectural analysis and virtual reconstruction
  • Applications and integrated solutions for the Cultural Heritage


Conference Organisation

Scientific Committee

  • Elisabetta Govi - Alma Mater Studiorum, Università di Bologna (President)
  • Antonella Guidazzoli - CINECA
  • Herbert Maschner - University of South Florida
  • Paola Moscati - CNR, ISMA
  • Maria Roussou - National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
  • Mario Torelli - Accademia dei Lincei
  • Stephen Fai - Carleton University of Ottawa


Scientific directors

Andrea Gaucci, Simone Garagnani

Administrative Office