Open Conference Systems, Kainua 2017

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The last ten years of research at Tarquinia
Giovanna Bagnasco Gianni, Matilde Marzullo, Andrea Garzulino

Last modified: 2017-03-21


During the last ten years, the “Tarquinia Project” has been designed to carry out global archaeological, cultural and historical research at a small (mobile finds), medium (archaeological contexts), large scale (territory). The project now involves groups from the Università Statale di Milano (Archaeology, Information and Communication Technologies, Geoarchaeology), the Politecnico di Milano (Architecture and Topography), etc.

Thanks to our interdisciplinary approach supported by ICTs we implement creative   solutions   to   bridge   the   gap   among soft and hard sciences. We foster the delicate operation of assessing recurrence of association rates among different series of evidence that helps to identify patterns corresponding to recurrent actions and behaviors in the Ancient World.

Our ecosystem of tools and services, through which multidisciplinary domain experts can examine all typologies of data of a given culture, makes it possible to shift from the materiality of Archaeology to invisibility of ancient life through the identification of the “syntactic” links connecting the material aspects of the documentation left by ancient communities.

However by controlling the whole research process, the “Tarquinia Project” is also going to be the benchmark for developing outreach innovative and creative solutions for involving scholars and the public at large, according to their context of use, needs and interests. The virtual Museum of the “Tarquinia Project”, available on-line, offers a dynamic overview of the cultural heritage of the Etruscan Tarquinia (UNESCO 2004) and represents a model to be adopted also in other situations.