Open Conference Systems, Kainua 2017

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Virtual reconstruction and comparative analysis of two painted tombs from Anzi (Basilicata), described by Andrea Lombardi in the early 19th century
Antonio Pecci, Fabio Donnici

Last modified: 2017-03-21


In his journey through the antiquities of Lucania, [A. Lombardi, La corona di Critonio. Viaggio tra antiche città in Lucania, Venosa, 1987 (original edition 1832), pp. 75-76], the historian Andrea Lombardi describes, in an analytical way, some important excavations and discoveries carried out by the archeologist Giuseppe Di Stefano in the territory of Anzi (Basilicata), among wich are two painted Lucanian graves. This event took place in the early 19th century and it represents a real unique discovery within the inner part of the ancient Lucania; the two painted graves, however, was forgotten and never found again.

Starting from the Lombardi description, in this contribution we would try to locate the exact find-spot of these funerary monuments, to rebuild them virtually and to analyze them from an archaeological point of view.