Open Conference Systems, Kainua 2017

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New methodologies to analyse and study the Hellenist-Roman quarter in Agrigento
Giuseppe Lepore, Enrico Giorgi, Vincenzo Baldoni, Federica Boschi, Maria Concetta Parello, Maria Serena Rizzo

Last modified: 2017-03-22


The project Agrigento: Insula III has been begun in 2016 thanks to a Convention between the Parco Archeologico e Paesaggistico - Valle dei Templi di Agrigento and DISCI - Bologna University; it aims to document an entire sector of the Hellenistic-Roman quarter, in a three-year period.

The main goal is to start a systematic study of private housing from Archaic period to Late Antique and - at the same time - provide a critical understanding of the town planning scheme in this part of the town, still lacking in a modern archaeological and topographical documentation.

The interpretation of the previous documentation is the starting point, along with the realization of a new mapping with laser scanning and a systematic campaing of geophysical investigations to obtain a BIM.

As the Bologna University tradition teaches, modern technologies can answer to precise historical and archaeological questions: which are the primary phases of the town map? which one is the starting module of each lot and which are the changes in different ages? Is it possibile to rebuild the originary architecture of Hellenistic houses? Which is the relationship between this quarter and the rest of the town?

The integration of traditional investigational techniques with more recent ones is the methodological assumption of the studying project, facing the analysis of the complex stratigraphy of the setting, lively for at least a millennium, from Archaic to Medieval age.