Presentations and Authors

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Archaeological analysis of ancient cities and their landscapes

From the groma to the city: new datas on the urbanism of Civita Musarna
Vincent Jolivet, Henri Broise, Giuseppina Enrica Cinque
Castelmonardo Project: an union among technological research, 3D approach and social communication
Saverio Giulio Malatesta, Valeria Poscetti, Vito Rondinelli, Francesco Lella, Virginia Cirilli
Geo-archaeological study of the territory of Burnum’s Roman site (Croatia) through LANDSAT multi-temporal satellite images and high resolution GeoEye
Alessandro Campedelli, Marco Dubbini, Monica Martina
Pyrgi, harbour and sanctuary of Caere: landscape, urbanistic planning and architectural features
Laura Maria Michetti, Maria Paola Baglione, Barbara Belelli Marchesini, Claudia Carlucci

Applications and integrated solutions for the Cultural Heritage

Multi-temporal images and 3D dense models for archaeological site monitoring in Hierapolis of Phrygia (TK)
Giulia Sammartano, Antonia Spanò, Filiberto Chiabrando, Grazia Semeraro
Knowledge and valorization of historical sites through low-cost - gaming sensors and HBIM models. The case study of Liternum
Valeria Cera
The Iberian town of Ullastret (Catalonia), an Iron Age urban agglomeration reconstructed virtually
Gabriel de Prado Cordero, Ferran Codina, Isis Ruiz, Albert Sierra

Short Presentations

The contribution of 3D technologies for a critical reading and philological presentation of ancient contexts
Francesco Gabellone, Ivan Ferrari, Francesco Giuri, Maria Chiffi